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Chucklehead Mulled Devon Cider

Autumn is here! Time to light the fire or put on the heating. Time to moan about the smoke or bicker over the thermostat; more time to spend amongst those we’ve been caged up with for months; time to grumble about the cold, the wind, the rain, the leaves blocking the drain….


We can look forward to clear skies, a kinder sun; to walks amongst the sensational autumn trees with their yellows, reds and browns; to no more things that buzz, bite, sting; to winter casseroles and… to mulled cider!!

Packed full of spices, sweetened with brown sugar, offset with orange… and the warmth: the warmth that meanders through all body corridors resting finally at the ankles – more than a coffee could ever do! We search eagerly the face of each consumer in anticipation of the ‘mulled cider grin’ which is an ear to ear job and arrives totally involuntarily. One square of chocolate is never enough. One cup of mulled cider is similarly never enough.

So what to do about this gut-wrenchingly fine drink in the summer months. No good drink should ever have to hibernate or lay low. It’s time to fight for this seasonal drink…time to stand up for an unworthy underdog. Let’s get an empty bottle. Tenderly produce a batch of mulled cider. Let that mulled cider cool down. Stick it in the empty bottle and sparkle it just a little and let’s make this poor underused beverage an all year rounder.

Watch this space…we’re on the case!

Chucklehead Mulled Devon Cider